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Fascial Stretch & Manual Therapy Session

Our original therapeutic techniques treat the body as a whole to:

  • promptly reduce pain

  • improve mobility,

  • restore impaired function,

  • Decrease recovery time &

  • Optimize athletic performance

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Eliminate Pain

Traditional physical therapies typically only treat the symptoms of injury, addressing the pain where it hurts. But our bodies are not isolated parts - everything is connected. Pain in one area is usually the result of dysfunction elsewhere. We address your body's systems as a whole, and eliminates pain at the source. 


Improve Mobility

Mobility is the ability to move freely and easily. Unfortunately, thanks to age and lifestyle stressors such as driving, sitting, texting, and typing, most people over the age of 18 cannot move freely and easily. We help counteract the effects of modern life, so your body's systems can function in harmony again. 

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Emotional Release

Have you ever felt the need to burst into tears in the middle of a yoga class or after a massage? This is because tension isn't just the result of sitting at a desk or in a car - it's a sign of emotional stress building in your body. Our brain is directly connected to our bones and muscles via the central nervous system. Taking the time to release physical tension in your body, also has been proven to release anxiety, fear, depression, and sadness. 


Optimized Performance

Long muscles are strong muscles. But, unlike traditional stretching or yoga, we address the joints, muscles, and fascial lines surrounding the muscle, delivering a comprehensive, full-body mobility that lasts. Our stretch services are utilized by professional to amateur level athletes to the active adult alike.

Fascial Stretch & Manual Therapy Session

Fascial Stretch Therapy, Graston Technique (if required), and Manual Therapy

$90 – 1 Hour