Call to Action…6 Point Plan for Men & the Men You Love

Updated: Oct 20

“In order to know where you’re going, you must first know where you stand.” ~Donnie DeMary

1)Get Health Insurance Coverage

  • eHealth:

2)Find a Physician…a build a relationship

  • Doctor Directory:

3)Schedule Bi-annual Physicals/Checkups

  • Physical Exams consists of (general):

  • Health History

  • Vital Signs…Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiration Rate, Temperature

  • General Appearance

  • Heart Exam

  • Lung Exam

  • Head & Neck Exam

  • Abdominal Exam

  • Neurological Exam

  • Dermatological Exam

  • Extremities Exam

  • Male Exam (might include) …Testicular, Hernia, Penis exam, Prostate

  • Female Exam (might include) …Breast, Pelvic

  • Lab Tests: Complete Blood Count, Chemistry panel, Urinalysis (UA)

  • Prevention Overview

4)Get a Gym Membership…”and use it!”/The average price point is $10-30 per month & Create a plan

  • Cardiovascular Guidelines: 5-6 days per week/30 minutes per day

  • Strength Guidelines: 2-3 days per week of progressive exercise

  • Nutritional Guidelines: 5-6 “small” meals per day 2.5-3 hours apart, low-fat, whole & natural foods

5)Seek Balance in Life

  • Work vs. Recreation

6)Mental Health/Stress Management

  • Don’t be swayed by misinformation: Among many, it is considered “taboo” to seek out counseling. If you are dealing with internal issues…Make an appointment to TALK TO SOMEBODY…Your Pastor, Counselor, Psychiatrist

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