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My Sincere Point of View…”Body Image”

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you happy with what you see? Is it never enough? The fascination and/or obsession with being thin can be detrimental if not properly channeled. Over the years through observation, teaching, and counseling it has become clear that this mental deficiency is a serious issue and requires more focus brought to it. Here are a few staggering statistics I researched:

19% = the number of overweight people who would risk death to be thin. 33% = the number of obese people who would risk their life to lose 10 pounds. 4% = the number of normal-weight people who would take that risk to shed 10 pounds. 31% = the number of obese people who would trade up to 5% of their remaining years to be 10% thinner. (Source: January 4, 2005, issue of The New York Times.)

“The Mental Aspect” of fitness has to be first and foremost. “Being secure with self” is a must. No matter where you are within your journey. It is proven that those who exhibit a “Healthy Focus” and not obsessed over the day-to-day regimen of being thin are happier “Inside and Out.” Remember that Wellness is 3-Fold…Mind-Body-Spirit. Cultivate them all as they are all important aspects in your life.

A Daily Exercise: Every day before getting dressed, at the end of the day before preparing for bed… *Stand in front of the mirror *Look at yourself with a smile *and repeat 10 times “I Love Me & the Skin I’m in!” God Speed moving forward in your journey.

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