"Train with a Coach in a small group setting."

Our Small Group Training (SGT) & Signature Classes are an amazing blend of sessions from Mind-Body to High Intensity wrapped towards overall wellness and results. Our SGT program is designed for all from beginners to advanced.

SGT Unlimited



Heavy Weights


A 60 minute functional fitness training that integrates all aspects of fitness training.

*Designed for all fitness levels*

Crossfit Exercise


A 45 minute high intensity bodyweight class that designed to get the heart rate up for maximum caloric burn.

*Designed for all fitness levels*

Intense Workout


A 45 minute total body circuit class that mixes conditioning and strength modalities.

(Designed for all fitness levels)

Llifting Weights


A 60 minute strength class is designed to dispel the myths associated with women and lifting. This class teaches the fundamentals of complex lift techniques.

*This SGT Signature runs in 8 week cycles



Our Yoga classes are 60 minutes in length. We offer two formats, Hatha and Vinyasa.

*Signature Class

Senior Citizen Exercise Class


A 60 minute strength and aerobic based class designed for Seniors that is designed to improve proper mobility and muscular strength.

*This SGT runs in 8 week cycles

SGT Policies

1.SGT Online Enrollment is required for ALL SESSIONS. Enrollment opens 24 hours before the session begins and closes 1 hour before the session begins or when the session is full. *All Yoga sessions (excluding evening) require online reservation the day prior.  The cutoff time is 10pm the day prior. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

2. Should you need to cancel your reservation, you MUST cancel via your online Vagaro Account no later than 1 hour before the session begins. Two (2) NO-SHOWS result in cancellation of online booking access. You are required to arrive at least 5 minutes before start time to avoid forfeiting your spot to a member on the waitlist.

3. When arriving, members MUST check in at the front desk.

4. Reception desk will have a waitlist ready once a class is full. Open spots will be given just before the start of the session.

5. Please mention any physical limitations to the instructor prior to the start of the session.

6. The session is closed 10 minutes after start time. Please do not ask to be the exception.

7. When entering a session late, please begin in the back.

8. If you will be leaving the session early, please exit as quietly as possible.

9. If you must bring a cell phone, please silence the ringer.

10. Particular SGT’s on the schedule is subject to review based on attendance. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the schedule based on the previous.

11. We do not offer a FREEZE POLICY for SGT memberships.