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“After three sessions, I can see results already, in addition to improvements in my mobility! Thanks, Donnie!.”​
S. Walton, Accountant


“It’s been wonderful to address my fitness goals with the help of Donne DeMary and D3 fitness. He’s very alert to any sign of strain or overuse. He will immediately alter or even re-focus the entire workout for me as an individual in the Small Group Training (SGT) class so that I avoid any possible injury. Even though I suffered a torn hamstring in October 2020, since I started working out at D3 fitness in July 2021 I have not had to stop even once for recovery. He will make recovery and change-up part of the strategy and workout so I don’t have to think about it. All my payments and credits are entered and managed in the Vagaro app so I can see the appointments I schedule and the credits I have pending. If you want to feel good, if you are ready to Try and commit to just trying… go see Donnie. I think you will be surprised at what you can do if you just Try.”​
L. Rodriguez, Stay-at-home-Mom


“Amazing fitness training and classes! Donnie is very knowledgeable and works to keep the classes interesting and challenging!​
J. Lee, Physician


“Prompt, professional and welcoming environment! I will be back!”​
J. Gathers, Entrepreneur


“I am finishing up my first month at D3 Fitness with Coach Donnie.  What a great place!  Donnie is running a Small Group Training program that is perfect for people getting back to the gym after a break; coming back from an injury; training at a challenging level; and desiring to maintain flexibility and fitness without exposure to crowds.
With a background in physical therapy, Donnie is able to modify and direct everyone in the small group through a range of dynamic stretches, strength ,and cardio exercises with attention to the level and needs of the individual.  I have not been in a class with more than 5 other people. Average has been around 4 people.

I would advise anyone who has been hesitating to do something about getting back on a workout schedule to take advantage of this ideal situation.
Years ago I worked with a trainer in a gym and The level is completely disparate.  Or Donnie's level of experience is just so global it makes other trainers in comparison seem very limited.  He has years of experience and he is designing every workout so you are not bored and feel you feel there is a Master Plan to it all. What is quite surprising is how affordably he is offering the Small Group Class.  He is even allowing a pay as you go cost of $20 per SGT.  
This is as close to a personal trainer as you can get and pay a class fee.  It's just that you are going through a guided regimen with a few other people.

You can also commit to a monthly fee that will lower the cost of the training.  
Regarding personal training:  for basic personal training the current rate is very reasonable and actually an incredible value for what you get.  I am coming to training with various old injuries that have to be monitored.  I feel that I am getting continued physical therapy for those injuries and building strength and adding stretching for prevention.
Examples of Equipment:  Trx; Bosu; kettle balls; hand weights; dumb bells; sleds; stretching bands; universal style weight machine; rowing machine; jump ropes; medicine ball; stretching equipment.
In short, do not hesitate to start exercising in a safe environment with a top notch trainer.

Who knows what the future will bring with covid and restrictions.  I feel very safe going to a smaller environment with like-minded careful clients and an assiduous owner.”​
Busy Mom


“Donnie is one of the best trainers I have ever had. He uses his knowledge and insight in effort to help me gain insight into my mind,body and soul. He has great compassion for his clients and he always made me feel comfortable and safe. I have been struggling with weight issues since I was a child and I feel Donnie meets you where you are at. He doesn't not try to push his own views of weight loss on me in order to get results which I love, what he does is make it a lifestyle and fun and enjoyable. I look forward to continuing my training with him. I give him 5 plus stars. He is a true inspiration, which inspires me to become a better version of me. I highly recommend Donnie!!”​
A. Bilardo, Entrepreneur & Mom


“When I first started working out with Donnie, I had lost considerable range of motion on my left side - in particular my left shoulder - as a result of a car accident. Donnie (who combines empathy with a no-excuses-allowed approach) designed a program specifically around helping me to regain full flexibility, strength, and range of motion on my left side, while improving my overall fitness level. The trainings included foundational exercises that were repeated every session, interspersed with a variety of challenging workouts designed to push me and keep me motivated. The results speak for themselves: within just a few months, my left shoulder & arm had regained close to 85% range of motion. Of course, the workout regimen played a huge part in this rapid turnaround, but the inclusion of targeted stretches and myofascial release therapy were also key. It is of note that during this time, Donnie was going through a health challenge of his own, but always showed up 100% committed & focused. That's the mark of a true professional.”​
L. Hurley, Project Manager​

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