Our D3FITNESS TRAINING SYSTEM keeps your fitness interesting and produces results. You'll be on board every step of the way as your fitness professional guides you through premium phased training, ensuring you never lose your focus.

Functional Fitness is the foundation of our programs. Moving Well & Living Pain Free is the core of our beliefs.


Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Our Comprehensive Fitness Assessment is designed to determine your overall level of health, fitness, and well-being. This package includes evaluation of of maximal aerobic capacity, body composition, postural analysis, flexibility, and muscular strength, nutritional analysis, as well as other essential measurable items. Your health, fitness, and well-being will be evaluated and assessed in accordance to national standards.

Prior to your appointment we'll collect data via our Health History Form.

Appointment Length...90 minutes

*All new clients must complete a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment prior to beginning any program.

Fitness Equipment

Our Services

Kettlebell Workout




*1 Trainer = 1 Client

*D3Fitness Training App/Client Portal

*Meal Plan

*Nutritional Counseling

*Cancellations within a 24 hour period prior to the scheduled session time is counted as a charged session.






*Our monthly PT Packages come in 1, 2, and 3x per week options



*Our PT Bundle consists of 48 sessions   





Fit Couple




*1 Trainer = 2 Clients

*D3Fitness Training App/Client Portal

*Meal Plan

*Nutritional Counseling

*All clients in the group must book & train together. (1) session will be deducted from each person's account upon the deletion of the session.

*Ask about options



Medicine Ball Workout

(Small Group Personal Training)

This is not an Aerobics “Class” or Group Fitness “Class”…this is 60 Minute Personal Training Session lead by highly credentialed Fitness & Wellness Professionals in a small group setting. Our Small Group Personal Training (SGPT)is an amazing blend of sessions from Mind-Body to High Intensity wrapped towards overall wellness and results. Our SGPT program is designed for all from beginners to advanced.






Resting After Workout



Can't make it to our studio? 

No worries...we bring our services to you.Our Virtual & Online Services are as followed, but not limited to:

4 Week Online Training & Nutrition Program

(call for pricing)

Virtual Group Training Session

(call for pricing)

Virtual Private Personal Training Session

*Ask about options



Fitness Equipment

Services Overview


1. CANCELLATIONS must be made 24 hours in advance of schedule training appointments. Late cancellations will be counted as a charged session. If you can’t contact your Coach, email to or call the studio at (908)279-6021, and leave a message indicating your cancellation. Please include the session date, time, and your Coach’s name.


2. NO SHOW: Clients that fail to show for their scheduled appointments will forfeit that session.


3. LATE SHOWS: A 15 minute rule will apply for scheduled appointments. If you don’t show within 15 minutes past your scheduled appointment, the Coach will not be obligated to train you on that particular day. If the Coach decides to leave, you will forfeit a paid training session. If the Coach stays and you show up, they will only train you for the remainder of the scheduled training hour.


4. You understand that services within your membership/monthly package will not carry over into the next month.


5. No Fitness Service refunds will be issued for any reason. The physician’s note must be submitted on official letterhead and delivered to  to receive a credit to your account. Once approved, the refund will be credited to your account.


6. Your paid sessions are to be used by you and are not transferable to any other person.


7. You understand that you are purchasing fitness services and not the services of a particular Coach.


8. For Semi-Private Personal Training services, (1) session will be deducted from each participating client’s account when services are rendered. The same applies if for example, only one client shows up for the session (all associated accounts will be deducted (1) session for services rendered. The same “No-Show” and “Late Show” policy applies.


9. Services cannot be rendered and/or cannot be booked without sessions on the account.


10. Partial payments are not accepted. All payments must be paid in full prior to services being booked or rendered.

11. We do not discount our services or products.


1.SGPT Online Enrollment is required for ALL SESSIONS. Enrollment opens 24 hours before the session begins and closes 1 hour before the session begins or when the session is full. *All Yoga sessions (excluding evening) require online reservation the day prior.  The cutoff time is 10pm the day prior. Reservations are on a first come first serve basis.

​2. Should you need to cancel your reservation, you MUST cancel via your online Vagaro Account no later than 1 hour before the session begins. Two (2) NO-SHOWS result in cancellation of online booking access. You are required to arrive at least 5 minutes before start time to avoid forfeiting your spot to a member on the wait-list.

​3. When arriving, members MUST check in at the front desk.

​4. Reception desk will have a wait-list ready once a class is full. Open spots will be given just before the start of the session.

​5. Please mention any physical limitations to the instructor prior to the start of the session.

​6. The session is closed 10 minutes after start time. Please do not ask to be the exception.

​7. When entering a session late, please begin in the back.

​8. If you will be leaving the session early, please exit as quietly as possible.

​9. If you must bring a cell phone, please silence the ringer.

​10. Particular SGPT’s on the schedule is subject to review based on attendance. We reserve the right to make adjustments to the schedule based on the previous.

​11. We do not offer a FREEZE POLICY for SGPT memberships.

12. We do not discount our services or products.